Lorna Taylor

Name: Lorna Taylor
Favorite Quote: I have two and both are by the Dalia Lama XIV:  “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost”, and, “Whenever possible, be kind.  It’s always possible.”
When I’m Not Working: Enjoying family and friends, playing with rescue pups, museum hopping, destination traveling, reading architecture, art and design books, enjoying a glass of wine and people watching on Beach Drive.
Favorite Song/CD: Zero 7 – ‘Simple Things’.
Hometown: Raised in Oregon and have lived many places but San Diego and Tampa/Saint Petersburg are home.
Where I Volunteer: Lion’s Eye Institute Foundation, Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Foundation, Moffitt Cancer Center Physicians Board, The International GreenBelt Movement, WEL (Women in Executive Leadership), Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts, Prevent Blindness Florida, University of Tampa.
Favorite Book: Pillars of the Earth
Favorite Time of Year: Fall in NYC; Winter in Tampa/St. Petersburg; Spring in Aspen; Summer in the Berkshires.
Favorite Food/Dish: Pho.
Favorite Pass-Time: Organizing.  Renovation.   Interior design.
Best Advice Ever Given: “Rarely is something as good or bad as it first appears.” – Michael Hecht, O.D.
Favorite Advice to Give: We are each responsible for our own happiness
Anything Else? 13 years classical piano training.  Love and collect art.

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