Jaime M.

Name: Jaime M.
Family Info: Married and have a very spoiled two year old son
Favorite Sports Team: Usually the underdog team that’s playing
Favorite Quote: “All is fair in love and war.”
When I’m Not Working: Volunteering; spending time with family, small engine repair and working on cars
Hometown: Mount Olive, NC
Favorite Song/CD:    Knockin on Heaven’s Door
xx xx xx
Favorite Movie: Pearl Harbor
Favorite Time of Year: Spring
Favorite Food/Dish: Enchiladas or microwave lasagna
Favorite Passtime: Lately; binge-watching Netflix
Best Advice Ever Given: I used to give little motivational speeches to kindergarten and first grade students who were struggling academically or having discipline issues; such as, “I believe in you and promise that if you are always nice to everyone, use kind words, and do your schoolwork; you will be able to do almost anything when you grow up.”

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