Iris Lushan

Name: Iris Lushan
Family Info: Daughter; son-in-law, & Louis – our toy poodle
Favorite Sports Team: Red Sox; Celtics
Favorite Quote: “Always look for the good in people rather than the negative.”
When I’m Not Working: Shopping, spending time with family/friends, relaxing, watching old movies
Hometown: Boston
Favorite advice to give others:   Be kind and tolerant to others.
Favorite Movie: Guess Who’s coming to Dinner (1967-Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy & Katherine Houghton)
Favorite Time of Year: Summer/Fall (when living up North); in Florida (winter months)
Favorite Meal: Breakfast
Favorite Passtime: Drawing, singing, watching old movies, reading
Best Advice Ever Given: Don’t expect or you will get hurt.

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