Important Covid-19 Update

With the increasing public health concern surrounding coronavirus COVID-19, Premier remains committed to the continuity of excellent service as we all respond to the current health crisis.

Premier has transitioned all operations to virtual to ensure uninterrupted service. The emails, telephone numbers, fax numbers that you are accustomed to using continue to be in place and fully operational. The same friendly voices you have heard for years are still on the other end of the phone line to talk with you regarding any issues you might have.

Premier is here to support you so please feel free to reach out to us. We are here and the communication lines are open.

Tele-Vision by Premier Eye Care
Tele-Visit Services


Premier’s Tele-VISIT Program is available to members in Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii. Our Tele-VISIT Program offers both a real-time audio and visual interaction between a physician and a patient who is located at a remote site from the physician.

Our Tele-VISIT Program allows members to access telehealth services through the convenience of a smartphone or computer. This program offers Members access to a licensed provider who is able to perform assessments, write prescriptions if needed, advise on other acute eye care needs, and redirect to appropriate specialists as needed. In addition to making telehealth services available through our Tele-VISIT program, PREMIER will continue to assist members requiring further treatment by identifying an appropriate local provider.

COVID-19 Update: Under the 1135 federal waiver, CMS has broadened access to telehealth services for member eligibility, relaxed HIPPA rules and expanded the definition of telehealth. Members may now live anywhere and be eligible for telehealth services. The recent changes by CMS provides the opportunity to enhance our telehealth services for acute eye care services. Our expanded Tele-Visit Program will be available until further notice. PREMIER will continue to monitor this fluid situation and adjust to support members and providers as needed.

Tele-Screen Services


Premier’s Tele-SCREEN Program is available to all health plan members contracted with Premier. Our Tele-SCREEN program offers a Diabetic Retina Exam (DRE) performed by an Optometric Physician, Primary Care Physician, or trained technician. The screening is performed using a high-tech hand held retina camera to produce high resolution images of the back of the eye. These images are then uploaded to Premier’s secure portal where they are reviewed remotely by Premier’s contracted physicians to determine the presence or absence of diabetic retinopathy. The results of the retinal interpretations are shared with the member’s Primary Care Physician and the health plan.