Important Covid-19 Update

With the increasing public health concern surrounding coronavirus COVID-19, Premier remains committed to the continuity of excellent service as we all respond to the current health crisis.

Premier has transitioned all operations to virtual to ensure uninterrupted service. The emails, telephone numbers, fax numbers that you are accustomed to using continue to be in place and fully operational. The same friendly voices you have heard for years are still on the other end of the phone line to talk with you regarding any issues you might have.

Premier is here to support you so please feel free to reach out to us. We are here and the communication lines are open.

February/March 2020

Welcome to the first issue of The Premier Post.  With the launch of our new digital magazine, we are transitioning to a combined newsletter for everything Premier related to Wellness, Community Service, and Corporate Culture. Our committee Chairs will continue to organize wellness and community activities, as well as host our ongoing corporate Cultural Encounters. All of their news and updates will now be delivered to us monthly in The Premier Post!

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