Tineka Bryan

Name: Tineka Brya
Family Info: I have a big family and we are all over the country.
Favorite Sports Team: I do not have a favorite sports team, but I love basketball. I also, like the New England Patriots (Tom Brady ).
Favorite Quote: When you saw one set of footprints in the sand that was when I carried you.
When I’m Not Working: I am relaxing at the beach or taking a vacation to someplace tropical.
Favorite Song/CD: I like a lot of Aaliyah’s songs.
Hometown: The beautiful island of Jamaica
Where I Volunteer: I previously volunteered at a nursing home.
Favorite Book: I do not have one in particular
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite Time of Year: Winter, because of my favorite holiday (Christmas) and my birthday
Favorite Food/Dish: Anything chicken
Favorite Passtime: Reading a book or watching HGTV or food network
Best Advice Ever Given: “You are never stuck”
Favorite Advice to Give: Always hold your head up.

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