Sandra Victoria

Name: Sandra Victoria
Family Info: Happily married with four amazing children
Favorite Sports Team: Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins
Alter Ego: The Bartender: People feel they can come to me to let out stress issues
Favorite Quote: "Don not pray for an easy life, pray for strength to endure a difficult one." – Bruce Lee
When I’m Not Working: I’m enjoying time with my husband and children.
Favorite Song/CD: “The Element of Freedom” – Alicia Keys
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Where I Volunteer: JKD Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Favorite Book: Ms. Moo goes to the Zoo. Can you tell I have young children?
Favorite Movie: Any movie with Sandra Bullock
Favorite Time of Year: The Fall
Favorite Food/Dish: Any Spanish Dish
Favorite Passtime: Circuit training and Tai Chi
Best Advice Ever Given:

Demand Respect, because no one in this world will offer it.

Favorite Advice to Give: Make it a point to learn one new thing every day.

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