Marta Antoine

Name: Marta Antoine
Family Info: Married to my Best Friend Michael for 20 years; two amazing kids Chris and Tiffany who I Love so much because they drive me crazy
Favorite Sports Team: No favorite team but like to watch all different sports
Alter Ego: No favorite team but like to watch all different sports
Favorite Quote: "This too should pass"
When I’m Not Working: Sewing, cooking, watching “Novelas” Spanish soaps and chauffeuring my kids and their friends around.
Favorite Song/CD: Bachata , Journey, Yanni, Enya and many, many more
Hometown: Originally from Guatemala but lived most of my life in Long Island, NY
Where I Volunteer: My kids’ schools
Favorite Book: Charlie the Caterpillar, Harry and the Purple Crayon series – which I read to my kids when they were little and still have and hope one day able to read them to my Grandkids
Favorite Movie: Mama Mia, Christmas Story, Grease, It’s a Wonderful Life
Favorite Time of Year: Christmas
Favorite Food/Dish: Lasagna and Tamales
Favorite Passtime: Going to the beach and gather shells with my kids – we actually have some jars filled with our findings from LI, Ft Lauderdale and Key West.
Favorite Advice to Give: Time is so short don’t forget to tell your Loved Ones how much they mean to you.
Anything Eles: Just Live every moment, Laugh every day and Love beyond words.

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