Lee Thomas

Name: Lee Thomas
Family Info: Single, 9 years old son, dog –Dajah. My family live on the Island of Dominica
Favorite Sports Team: Miami Heat
Favorite Quote: “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood” Ralph Waldo Emerson
When I’m Not Working: Spend time with my son, dining out, Movies
Favorite Song/CD: Country music
Hometown: Dominica, WI
Favorite Book: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Conelly
Favorite Movie: “The Notebook”
Favorite Time of Year: Summer
Favorite Food/Dish: Seafood
Favorite Passtime: Reading, Watching Movies
Best Advice Ever Given: Always be true to yourself  because If you stand for nothing then you will fall for anything.
Favorite Advice to Give: Live in the moment and make it beautiful

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