John Lumley

Name: John Lumley.  At Premier I go by “JL”
Family Info: None of my own, but my parents gave me 5 brothers & 7 sisters and oh’ the trouble we got into.
Favorite Sports Team: Not a sports nut but will cheer for any Miami team.
Alter Ego: A healthy well balanced individual, rested and of a sound mind.
Favorite Quote: On earth, gold is valued and people are walked on.  In heaven, people are valued and gold is walked on.
When I’m Not Working: Fixing stuff, building something interesting, aviating, air-boating, traveling, motorcycling, shooting guns, bicycling and your basic mischief and fun.
Favorite Song/CD: I like all the oldies & classic Rock and Roll songs.
Hometown: Miami, FL
Where I Volunteer: 1.  Iron Forge (men’s counseling groups)
2.  Old Bight Mission Home, Cat Island, Bahamas  (Orphanage)
Favorite Book: 1.  Anything by Bill O’Reilly.
2.  The Rise and fall of the Roman Empire
3.  ICD 10 standards and implementation for dummies.
Favorite Movie: 1.  Shawshank Redemption
2.  Taken
3.  Good Will Hunting
4.  Dead Poets Society
5.  Brave Heart
6.  The Patriot
Favorite Time of Year: Winter, Christmas
Favorite Food/Dish: The entire menu at “Millers Boynton Ale House”
Favorite Pass-Time: Legos… those wonderful little plastic bricks where for hours I could create anything.
Best Advice Ever Given: 1.  You will never see a hearse towing a U-Haul.
2.  Less is more.
3.  One day… God will make everything sad become untrue.
Favorite Advice to Give: None…   I would give them my ear and my time.
Anything Else? Every day is a gift.
Carpe diem

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