Jeff Nowak

Name: Jeff Nowak
Family Info: Married, with furry, four-legged, children (adopt, don’t buy!)
Favorite Sports Team: US Mens Olympic Indoor Volleyball Team
Favorite Quote: “Do.  Or Do Not.  There is no try.” – Yoda
When I’m Not Working: Relaxing, Saving the Universe, Doing House Projects
Hometown:  Tampa Bay, FL
Favorite Song/CD:    The Wheels on the Bus
Favorite advice to give others: If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.
Favorite Movie: How could you ever pick just one……
Favorite Time of Year: Spring, Northern Hemisphere, slightly above the Tropic of Cancer
Favorite Food/Dish: Coffee, Martini (it was a tie)
Favorite Passtime: Creating/Improving things, thinking about how to resolve the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (it’s frightening, look it up)
Best Advice Ever Given: Never wear a brown belt and black shoes, or vice versa!

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