Edna M. Rodriguez

Name: Edna M. Rodriguez
Family Info:

I am a Puerto Rican raised in Chicago.  Raised by a single mom, who taught me to love everyone. Treat all as equals. Never settle for less. Respect to get respect. I am proud of who I am and where I come from.

Favorite Sports Team:

We are a baseball family; my son is in little league baseball for Port Saint Lucie.  We are Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Bears fans.

Alter Ego: Ms Sports Mom
Favorite Quote: It is what it is
When I’m Not Working:

Family time; baseball, movies, beach, SeaWorld, Aquatica.

Favorite Song/CD:

I love Salsa. Old school salsa, like El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

Hometown: Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Chicago
Where I Volunteer: I volunteer at my son’s baseball games; team mom and/or concession for the park district. Helping at my daughter’s school as needed
Favorite Book: 50 Shades
Favorite Movie: “Grease”
Favorite Time of Year: Winter/Christmas
Favorite Food/Dish:

Arroz con Gandules (yellow rice w/ pigeon peas)

Favorite Passtime:

Arroz con Gandules (yellow rice w/ pigeon peas)

Best Advice Ever Given: Patience is a virtue
Favorite Advice to Give: Always do well by anyone.  Sometimes you may get burned, but because you did it in good faith, God will ALWAYS return the favor to you
Anything Else? I am not as tough as people might think.  I am very sensitive to people’s feelings and do care about how my actions make people feel.

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